A new scam is hoping Netflix users will give up their banking information before they even realized they've been conned.

The scam uses fake e-mails that appear to be official and unfortunately, some have already fallen for it in the UK. Dontwasteyourmoney.com explained how the scheme works. Schemers claim there’s a problem with the user’s account and that it’s been deactivated. The fake email asks the person to click on a fake Netflix link and enter payment details.

But if you do that, you’re giving strangers access to your bank account information.

The Guardian reported the email comes from an address supportnetflix@checkinformation.com. And while this scheme is still in London, the possibility that the scam could hit the U.S. is just an e-mail away.

Right now, the best defense is knowledge. If you know a Netflix fan, make sure you share the warning.