It's almost time to go back to school! Start the year off right by downloading these homework-hacking apps:

Duolingo (Android and iOS, Free)

Duolingo makes it easier to learn new languages by translating websites you read everyday into the language of your choice. It also offers digital courses and a culminating proficiency exam.

My Study Life (Android and iOS, Free)

My Study Life is a multidimensional, digital calendar that fits in the one thing you'll never forget - your phone. The app can record your work and class schedule (which is organized by color!) and notify you about upcoming due dates.

Evernote (Android and iOS, Free)

If you have trouble staying organized throughout the school year, try Evernote. Evernote compliments a great planner (like My Study Life) with voice reminders, to-do lists, and an organized photo display.

EdX (Android and iOS, Free - with in app purchases)

EdX allows you to participate in renowned lectures without the cost of tuition. You can tune into online lectures at several schools (including MIT), then take quizzes and complete assignments at your leisure.

Mathway (Android and iOS, Free)

Mathway's simple, to-the-point display allows you to submit algebra equations for a detailed guide to the solution. After entering the problem, Mathway will ask what variable or graph you're solving for and offer a play-by-play to reach the answer.

Photomath (Android and iOS, Free)

Much like Mathway, Photomath is an algebraic genius. It allows users to snap a picture of their most challenging algebra problems, which the app will then solve and explain in steps.

Quizlet (Android and iOS, Free)

Quizlet is the one of the most widely used studying apps. It's simple format allows users to make flashcards for any subject imaginable. Once you create your digital flashcards, they're stored in a personal collection where the user can test their knowledge with games and tests.