SPOKANE, Wash --- The man who was in critical condition after backflipping off a bridge into the Spokane River is now awake and has passed the "swallow test."

Tyler Wright's cousin posted on Facebook to say that he is awake and doing better.

Here is the full post.

Wright was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a jump from a Spokane bridge went wrong. Witnesses say the man tried to backflip, but over-rotated and smacked into the water.

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The jumper was knocked unconscious, and stopped breathing. Several teenagers who had also been jumping from the bridge pulled the seriously-injured Wright from the water and began performing CPR.

Paramedics arrived and got Wright's heart started again with a defibrillator.

Wright's condition was upgraded to stable condition Tuesday. His friends and family have expressed their gratitude to the teens and emergency responders who saved him.