After a van plowed through crowds on the famed Las Ramblas Avenue in Barcelona, we are now learning that one of the 13 people who died has close ties to Boise.

Forty-two-year-old Jared Tucker of California was considered missing until this afternoon.

Tucker's sister Wendy Steinburg and niece Carissa Steinburg both live in Boise. It has now been confirmed that Tucker was among those dead.

The two are just several of Tucker's relatives that live here in Boise.

Steinburg and her daughter say they were up all last night calling Barcelona hospitals searching for him.

Heidi Nunes, Tucker's wife, who was also in Barcelona with Jared was searching for him as well.

The two were celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

Nunes says the two were walking down Las Ramblas Avenue and stopped at a restaurant for a drink.

When leaving the restaurant patio Nunes stopped to look at bracelets from a Kiosk as her husband went to use the restroom.

"So he left me to go use the restroom and with seconds after that there was screaming and yelling and people running, and I got pushed into the kiosk and was able to kind of hide in there with some other people while everybody kind of kept running by us, and running by us and screaming and sirens, and then eventually everybody in the kiosk, and then police came and were evacuating us and made us leave, and so I ended up on the other side of this street with a group of three people, and the cops just kept pushing us away and I just ended up further and further away," she said.

Tucker's family sent out this statement:

"We spent all night searching, calling, and praying for a miracle after recognizing Jared from the pictures of the attack online. You never think terrorism will be something that will affect YOUR family. We are in complete shock over this devastating news. Our family is in mourning and half of us will be traveling to California to be with the family. Any donations to help his wife and three daughters, and funeral costs would be greatly appreciated."

If you would like to help the Tucker family, click here.