BOISE - A gesture of support and goodwill for those involved in a deadly officer-involved shooting late last year.

A pair of local woodworkers created a custom bench and plaque for Boise Police K-9 Jardo - who died from complications after he was shot by a suspect on the Boise Bench in November.

The shooting also left two officers injured, one of them seriously, and the suspect dead.

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The bench and plaque were presented to Boise Police on Tuesday. The bench reads, "In Memory of Jardo. He Gave His Life in the Line of Duty."

"I'm a firm believer that we need to support our people in service," said bench builder Steve Maglecic. "Our men and women - whether its in the military, the police department, fire department - we need to support these people, and when some of them lose their lives and get hurt in the line of duty, I think we need to stand up and help them.

The plaque and bench memorialize Jardo's sacrifice and honors the work of all police officers.