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Woman who rolled her Jeep down a mountain saved by hunters

"The fact that it was gut instinct, they saved my life. I can't, there are no words. It's huge," the woman told KTVB in an exclusive interview.

BOISE, Idaho — After she was thrown out of her Jeep as it fell down the side of a mountain near Bogus Basin, a woman is thanking the two hunters who found her and stayed with her for hours until help arrived.

Amanda and Dustin Davis weren't expecting to spend the past Thanksgiving in the hospital but that's how their holiday plans ended after a terrifying incident that happened on Veterans Day.

"It wasn't a traditional Thanksgiving, but I was able to spend it with them for sure," they said. "That's what Thanksgiving is about, spending it with family."

Amanda told KTVB in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that she was driving her Jeep with a friend on some of the roads around Bogus Basin. 

"Honestly, I remember nothing. I remember getting up in the morning, I don't remember anything beyond that," she said.

She added that she has driven off-road all her life and has gone down these roads before and knew what to expect.

"This is a drive you can take and not need four-wheel drive. It's just a well-maintained dirt road," she explained.

According to Dustin, recent snow is what affected Amanda's drive.

"The weather is what got her, she started out the trail with a minimal amount of snow on the roads and as she got further on the roads the storm set in that morning and dropped a bunch of snow on her," he said.

The Boise County Sheriff's Office said the area where Amanda's Jeep rolled received four inches of snow overnight.

"It pulled her off the side of the road and that's when she went over the edge," Dustin said.

Amanda was thrown out of the Jeep before it landed about 150 down the mountain, according to the sheriff's office.

She said the last thing she remembers is telling her friend to grab the dog and jump out before it went over the edge.

The couple doesn't know if she would still be alive if it weren't for the two hunters who discovered the Jeep's tracks that went down the mountain.

The sheriff's office said Lonnie Laursen and Austin Lane found the crash and immediately called for help.

"The fact that it was gut instinct, they saved my life. I can't, there are no words. It's huge," Amanda said.

The hunters stayed with Amanda for four hours, covering her with jackets and blankets to keep her warm and clearing a way for rescue teams to reach her faster.

"The fact that they cared enough to stop, you know, you kind of lose that in today's society," Dustin said. "They've reached out to me on Facebook and I told them, I said, 'When everything settles, I want to meet up with you guys and thank you in person.'"

Amanda said her friend was able to walk away from the crash with no injuries and also went to get help.

While she has a long road to recovery ahead, Amanda and Dustin wanted to speak out so no one else has to go through a similar situation.

"Don't go alone, I am so incredibly lucky. If there was another jeep there it could have had the potential for a rescue. And definitely, if the conditions don't look good, the risk isn't even worth it," Amanda said. "Thank God that everybody lived through it and is fine and I will come out of it and be okay."

With a lot of broken bones and other injuries, Amanda said doctors believe it will be between four and six months until she can walk again. Dustin added that they're going to have to remodel their home to make it wheelchair accessible.

The couple has set up a GoFundMe for anyone who wants to donate and help.

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