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Wilder residents check on loved ones' headstones after uprooted trees damaged some

Fifteen trees were uprooted at the cemetery, and some of them damaged headstones.

WILDER, Idaho — Several headstones at the Wilder Cemetery were damaged after a massive storm on Saturday knocked down about 15 trees, even uprooting some of them.

On Sunday, some family members of those buried at the cemetery came out to see if their loved ones' headstones were okay.

"It's hard to see it like this, because this cemetery, these trees are what's made it so beautiful all these years," Pat Pennington of Nampa said. "i just have a lot of family here. I would really like to be able to walk in there and see that things are okay. That's a hard thing."

KTVB is still working to find out exactly how many headstones were damaged, what the cost of the damage is, and when repairs are expected to be completed.

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