It was this time last year when Mother Nature hit many Idaho towns unusually hard.

In Weiser, more and more roofs and buildings were collapsing under the weight of the heavy snow, leaving the town devastated.

While it's a much different story this year, the town is still cleaning up.

There's barely any snow in sight, just a few melting patches here and there.

However, there are plenty of reminders of last year's devastation like the old Ridley's.

The town's only grocery store collapsed under the weight of heavy snow.

But even with these reminders, people who live here say some positives came out it.

All around Weiser on Wednesday people could be seen wearing t-shirts and tank tops. And there was barely any snow in sight.

"Talk about a night and day difference between this year and last year," said Patrick Nauman, the owner of Weiser Classic Candy.

Several feet of snow fell in Weiser last winter and many buildings around town weren't constructed to handle the additional weight.

"There was a lot of heartbreak," said Nauman.

"We live kind of out in the country so as we drove down the road we would count a new barn or a new shed, I think there was eight of them just down our road that collapsed," said Weiser resident Lesli Willet.

Lots of buildings such as homes, garages and carports and other staples in town were impacted by huge amount of the snow.

"The bowling alley, we'd go there for birthday parties and stuff with the kids, so that was one of the sad ones to go," said Willet.

Even the old fire station that the Weiser Rural Fire District used for storage has lead to some cramped space they are still dealing with today.

"Normally a truck would be here, and here we have very little distance room for all of this gear, and guys are getting dressed, so you can imagine how tight it is when the page goes off and everybody runs in through the door and is here getting dressed," said Fire Capt. Ron Bruce.

And when the roof collapsed on Ridley's, the town's only grocery store, people worked to find a solution.

"The company and the community instantly came together and came up with a creative solution so that we could open up the grocery store in a building that had already been sold to someone else," said Nauman.

A community rallying together, and for people who live in Weiser that is the silver lining of the devastating winter.

"We did a lot of scooping for other people last year," said Willet. "So we just went out and four kids and my husband, so we found people that needed us or like fire hydrants and we'd scoop those out."

"From the ashes rise. This community has always been amazing about bonding together, coming together in times of need," said Nauman.

There are plans to rebuild the Ridley's grocery store at a new location. It will be a few miles from the old store off Highway 95 in the north part of town. Construction is set to begin in late February or March, depending on the weather.