The Boise Fire Department wants to remind you -- with the beauty of a Christmas tree -- comes a fire hazard.

Check out this video from the fire department. It shows you just how quickly a Christmas tree can burn!

Fire officials offer these helpful tips to protect your home and loved ones this holiday:

•If decorating your home with a natural tree, be sure it is well-watered.

•When selecting your tree, choose a local or self-cut tree, which should be fresher.

•Check that your selected tree is not dried out. Needles should not break when bent, should be hard to pull from branches and no more than a few should fall off when the tree is tapped on the ground.

•Be sure the cut end of the tree has sticky resin on it and have the seller to make a fresh cut to allow the tree to drink water better.

•For the duration it is inside, be sure to water your tree daily or more frequently to keep it from drying out.

•When lighting your tree, replace old lights with energy-efficient LED lights that use significantly less energy and emit less heat. As you unpack lights from last holiday season, check them for broken or damaged sockets and bulbs, exposed wires, or loose connections. When purchasing new lights, look for the "UL" symbol to ensure the lights have been tested by the Underwriters Laboratories for safety. Turn lights off when you leave or go to bed and keep lights and breakable ornaments out of reach of young children. Always connect three or fewer sets of lights into a single extension cord. Only use outdoor lights outside and indoor lights inside.

•If a fire occurs remember you and your loved ones are the most important thing. Don't save your tree or presents. Get out!

•Keep exits clear of the tree or furniture when making room for the tree.

•Make sure you have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in your home.

•Minimize potential hot spots. Keep your tree out of corners and away from heating vents, radiators and fireplaces and potential fuel for the fire (tables, couches, chairs).

•Dispose of your tree safely, do not keep it indoors for longer than 2 weeks and take it to a recycling or compost service; don't burn branches.