Imagine spending hours setting up Christmas decorations only to have them destroyed.

That’s exactly what happened to a Caldwell woman early Tuesday morning.

"What made you ruin my Christmas?” Lisa Paulus cried.

Paulus and her wife woke up to three of their inflatable Christmas animals slashed and strings of icicle lights cut off the fence of their home on Arroyo Way in Caldwell.

"We have a fence the whole long of our yard,” Lisa Paulus said. “They took a knife and cut all of the lights. They ripped some down, smashed them.”

She talked to other people who live on her street, and so far, no one else has had any damage. She said that makes it difficult for her to not take the vandalism personally.

"My wife and I are gay,” she said. “Since Pride we had a gay flag hanging up, but because of Christmas we took it down. I don't know if it's because of that - which is heartbreaking even more - because we're just two normal people who work every day and come home. We love where we live and we have great neighbors, and it's just depressing to have somebody come ruin it."

Looking for some answers, Paulus reached out to a neighbor who has security cameras.

"You can tell they’re [pointing] at their cars, but it actually points across the car so you can see the whole car and my front yard," she said.

The whole incident was captured from across the street showing a person walking along the fence taking the lights out as a car pulls up.

"They talk or something." Paulus said watching the video. "There he goes. He's in the yard now just cutting the crap out of them."

Soon after, the person gets in the car and is gone.

Paulus filed a police report, but said there isn’t much police can do unless the person is identified. However, she does encourage anyone else who experiences something similar to report it to police. She said that way there’s more of a chance people doing this will get caught.

"How could you do that to someone without thinking?" Paulus asked. "Like, why? What is the point of damaging somebody's belongings that have nothing to do with you, that don't even know who you are, have no connection to you, but it's fun to ruin their Christmas season."

Anyone with information about the vandalism should contact police.