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Students at University of Idaho's Boise law school raise concerns after graduation ceremony moved to high school

U of I officials say they lost their usual graduation spot at the Boise Centre and had to come up with another plan for the May 2020 graduation ceremony.
Credit: KTVB
University of Idaho, Boise law students express concerns about 2020 graduation venue.

BOISE, Idaho — If you put in the time to study, work, and pay your way through law school, would you want to go back to high school to get your diploma?

Right now, that's the reality for students at the University of Idaho's Boise law school campus.

A third-year law student told KTVB that several students were concerned about their May 2020 graduation ceremony being held at Timberline High School instead of the usual venue, the Boise Centre (on the Grove).

"We had The Grove reserved, which is usually where we hold our graduations for the University of Idaho, Boise," said Michael Satz, associate vice president at U of I Boise.

Satz explained that one ceremony is held for all graduating students at U of I's Boise campus.

"This year, we actually lost our reservation because another event came in that bumped us," Satz said. "So we had to scramble to find a venue that was appropriate."

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U of I Boise administration members held a meeting Thursday afternoon for concerned students at the College of Law.

According to Satz, students who want a ceremony at a different venue may travel to the U of I's other campuses in Moscow, Couer d'Alene, or Idaho Falls.

U of I law students declined to go on camera, but expressed travel issues for family members in Boise who want to attend the ceremony.

"I can understand the frustration that the students have," Satz said. "They spent a lot of time working really hard and it may be a disappointment to them, but we really are doing our best to give them the best program and the best experience that we can."

The graduation location for the class of 2020 will still be held at Timberline High School unless administration can find a replacement venue within the school's budget.

U of I Boise will hold a town hall meeting on November 15 for students to formally voice their concerns to administration.

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