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TSA finds 34th gun at the Boise airport this year

Trying to carry-on a loaded gun through TSA will cost more than 3,000 dollars, according to TSA.

BOISE, Idaho — TSA at the Boise Airport found a loaded gun in carry-on luggage Monday morning. It's the 34th gun found by TSA in Boise this year.

That number has increased 50% from the year before, according to the TSA.

"The TSA is not messing around in regards to this matter," said TSA Federal Security Director for Idaho Andrew Coose.

Coose says the penalty for bringing a loaded gun through carry-on is more than 3,000 dollars. The Boise Police Department responded to this incident, according to a TSA press release. The Ada County Prosecutor is reviewing the matter.

"It's important to take a few minutes to know how to travel," Idaho's TSA spokesperson Lorie Dankers said.

The TSA anticipates this week will be one of the busiest of the year. They are now asking travelers to ensure their luggage follows TSA rules to ensure efficiency at security checkpoints.

The TSA doesn't want to rifle through luggage in the first place, especially in a the world of COVID-19.

"By not bringing those prohibited items you're gonna ensure you have a touchless experience through the airport. That's healthier for everyone," Dankers said.

While people are likely to traveling with food and gifts this holiday season, the TSA reminds people liquid containers are limited to 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters.

This 3.4-ounce rule applies to anything that can be spread, spilled, or poured. That includes foods like jelly, or personal care products like shampoo.

The only liquid that doesn't follow this rule is hand sanitizer - the TSA now allows one 12-ounce bottle of hand sanitizer per passenger.

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