Hikers, bikers and runners are being asked to keep off trails in the Boise Foothills because of wet and soggy ground.

Officials say these muddy conditions are the worst they have seen in recent years inside the Ridge to Rivers trail system, which is more than 190 miles worth of pathways.

Unfortunately, this closure includes all of the popular Table Rock trails.

At the trail head on Old Penitentiary Road, there is a clearly marked sign that says "closed" but on other trails in the foothills, hikers are being asked to use their best judgment.

Ridge to Rivers Program Manager David Gordon says walking on paths when it's this muddy widens the trails, killing vegetation.

Gordon says people also tend to walk around the mud creating more trails, all of which doesn't help preservation the area.

“A lot of times when trails are this saturated, there will actually be long term damage. The trail is not going to be able to shed water because of the type of use that's occurring so were going to see erosion in the spring,” says Gordon.

The good news, Gordon says the Lower Castle Rock Reserve, Owls Roost/ Redrock Loop and of course the Boise Greenbelt are better options for these conditions.

Ridge to Rivers updates their trail conditions every morning at 8 a.m., click here to see the latest updates.