BOISE, Idaho — The Idaho Walk Bike Alliance is trying a new tactic to calm traffic near a Boise school. 

For three days this week, curb extensions and reflective cones will be placed near Longfellow Elementary School to reduce the crossing distance for students.   

Thanks to a grant from AARP, the nonprofit was able to purchase what they call "temporary traffic calming equipment" -- made of straw -- and place it at streeting crossings.

The "bulb outs" shorten the crossing distance by about 15 feet, causing the road to narrow, thus forcing cars to slow down.

"We decided to do this right in front of a school to demonstrate how cars can go by a school, but they slow down and it makes it safer for kids so they can cross the street," said Cynthia Gibson, executive director of the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance.

"They're slowing down, there's a little more organization to the intersections, the kids love it. They're able to cross that street with less distance. The parents love it. We've had a lot of really good feedback on this," she said.

Gibson says they plan to present their findings to the Ada County Highway District in the hopes of putting something more permanent there in the future.

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