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Unusual pets: A pair of goats living it up in Boise

Billie and Spatch just might be the most popular 'kids' in their neighborhood.

BOISE, Idaho — What a bunch of animals!

Through this first week of March, "Wake Up, Idaho,"  is featuring unusual pets, and the Idaho people who love them.

Monday we put the spotlight on a couple of goats living the good life in Boise.

John Ode and his wife brought home Spatch and Billie back in June 2020, after visiting a petting zoo with their grandchildren.

"So we go to the petting zoo and they are like you should get a goat!! Because they are super cute. They are little tiny kids," Ode said. "Anyways, we ended up with goats and yeah, here we are!"

Ode says having a couple of goats in the middle of Idaho's capital city "a little bit stressful."

The young goats - kids, really - are well known around the neighborhood. Spatch has been known to jump the fence, and go explore the neighborhood solo, but someone always brings him home.

"You get a lot of smiles," Ode said. "People say 'that's unusual, that's cute, can I pet them?' Sometimes I see people walk their kids over, and they say goats, goats! They are just cute. How can you not love them they have a cute face?"

The Odes' backyard is the goats' playground.

"They play king of the jungle gym. They buck each other off," Ode said.

Billie and Spatch don't go inside the house, but they've tried. Still, the goats have become part of the family.

"I was looking for an exit strategy at first," Ode said. "Now, it's like we can't get rid of them."

If you have an unusual pet, text us a picture at 208-321-5614.

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