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Red double-decker bus from London is attracting a lot of looks here in the Treasure Valley, so what is it all about?

Have you seen a red Double Decker bus driving around the Treasure Valley?

BOISE, Idaho — Have you seen a red Double Decker bus driving around the Treasure Valley? Maybe you've seen it on social media. We tracked it down to see what it's all about, and we found out it's actually a coffee business called Double Decker Espresso.

Owners Dustin and Angi Mori have been married for twenty years, and they have six kids. This big bus is a family business, and they all take part in running it. It's not something you see in Idaho. So, where did they get it?

"We get asked that question a lot, it did come from England," said Angi Mori, owner of Double Decker Espresso. "Got on a ship, landed in Baltimore, we went and picked it up in Utah. That was a journey."

That was in September of last year. The family worked on converting the old bus into a coffee bar. They opened the day after Christmas and hit the road. They say the double-decker bus gets a lot of attention.

"People are just excited to be on the bus, which makes it even more fun. From the little kids to the big kids, it's a fun thing. People can come upstairs and sit. We have games upstairs," said Angi Mori. "That's what we wanted, just a fun space for people to have an experience that's a little bit different than normal."

The couple says people come back because they really like the coffee. Angi Mori's homemade cinnamon rolls are also making a name for themselves. They don't last long!

"Our only two negative comments were from people who were mad we ran out of cinnamon rolls when they came to the bus," said Angi Mori.

The Mori family is having fun with the bus on social media, they have a loyal following on Facebook and Instagram. That's where they post fun photos, and a schedule of where they will be stopping day to day.

"We are having a good time with Instagram, that's been fun for us. I took an Instagram class when we got the bus," said Mori.

The family has big plans for the future.

"We hopefully will have another bus in the next few years. We're not sure it will be a coffee bus, it may be a food bus!" said Dustin Mori.

The couple says time will tell.

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