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Tennessee trooper shelters dog from heat found on side of interstate

The trooper gave the dog water and Little Debbie cakes, using an umbrella for shade to help the pup stay cool.

CLEVELAND, Tenn. — A trooper with Tennessee Highway Patrol learned that a dog needed help on the side of I-75 on Thursday. The sun was beating down on the pup, sweltering in heat that seemed to get hotter and hotter.

A driver told the trooper about the dog after passing the trooper on the road and spotting the dog. The driver pulled around and told the trooper about the dog, and they went to help it together.

The trooper gave it water and a Little Debby treat. Then, the THP said he pulled up a chair and an umbrella to keep the dog in the shade until it trusted the trooper enough to be picked up.

Once the dog started trusting him, the trooper took him to the Cleveland Animal Control Division. They said the dog is being treated there and is recovering from the heat.

They asked pet owners to make sure their pets are safe from the heat and have plenty of water so they can stay hydrated as the temperature rise.

Today was #Ruff for #MansBestFriend. Thanks to a #GoodSamaritan, a Trooper was alerted to a dog in need on this hot...

Posted by Tennessee Highway Patrol on Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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