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'This is not okay': Duck shot with blow dart at Lucky Peak Lake

Attempts to catch the duck and remove the dart have failed.
Credit: Lucky Peak Dam and Lake - WallaWallaUSACE

BOISE, Idaho — Officials are asking for the public's help after a female duck was found shot with a dart from a blow gun at Lucky Peak recently.

The dart went completely through the duck's neck, and can be seen protruding out the other side. According to the official Lucky Peak Facebook page, attempts to catch the duck in order to remove the dart have failed. 

The bird is still alive for now, but officials warned that "she will likely suffer a slow death given the massive dart lodged in her neck."

Lucky Peak issued a reminder that possession of a loaded blowgun and other projectile firing devices are prohibited at Lucky Peak Lake unless being used for hunting and fishing, or for self-defense.

Anyone who spots ducks or other wildlife being abused at the lake is urged to report the incident to the Lake Office at 208-343-0671.

"This is not okay," officials posted. 

This is not the first time this has happened in the Boise area recently. Last fall, several ducks and geese were shot with blow darts in Julia Davis Park. Watch our report from October:

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