Eckrich and Albertsons surprised ten local military families with free groceries today.

They let the families go on a $300 shopping spree at Albertsons, but the surprises didn't end there.

"Alright, well we actually have one more surprise for you guys, too. We're going to actually give you a thousand dollars each in Albertsons gift cards to use at a later date, so again thank you guys so much for everything you do. We're so fortunate to have you all in our community and we just want to say a big thank you," said Matt Jantz, marketing director for Albertsons.

Krista Bloom served in the Navy and served a tour in Iraq. She says this event was a godsend for her family.

"I'm in shock. It's so huge and I don't want to do an ugly cry on TV, but it's awesome. Very, very thankful," said Bloom. "My husband is a disabled vet and I am also a vet and we have two boys with autism so being that I can't work we're very, very let's say financially tight. So this is totally a godsend."

Another big surprise for the families -- Boise State football superstar Ian Johnson was there along with the BSU cheerleaders and Buster Bronco. They helped give out the extra $1,000 gift cards.