More than six weeks after a car plowed into a crowd of people a Meridian teen is still trying to get her life back on track.

The Cars and Coffee Car Show at the Boise Spectrum was supposed to be a fun day for 17-year-old Alex-andreea Martinez, but instead ended in physical and emotional trauma.

"She was one of the lucky ones, but yet, even just saying that, I get to watch her hurt everyday," her mother, Esther Saldivar, said.

Martinez was one of 11 people hit during the crash on Sept. 16.

"My phone rings," Salvidar recalled. "She's screaming and crying 'Mom, I need you to meet me at the hospital. We were hit by a car.' I was sick to my stomach. The reality of it, I was shaking."

The teen has been in pain ever since.

"I have multiple herniated discs," Martinez said. "They said they said the healing process would be four to six months."

"She hurts," her mom said. "We have bruises that are still appearing."

According to police, 49-year-old Roy Drennon was leaving the car show. They said he gunned his engine as he pulled out of the lot, lost control and slid sideways through the crowd of people. No charges have been filed. Police said this is still under investigation and they're still waiting on the toxicology report.

"She's traumatized, you know PTSD," Saldivar said.

Martinez's hardships go beyond physical and emotional trauma. Since the crash she's struggled get back on track with the rest of her life.