Idaho's brightest young inventors filled the Capitol today.

Twenty-five of the state’s top inventors between first and 8th grade showed off their inventions to lawmakers and visitors on the 4th floor of the rotunda.

Some of the kids received inspiration from this season's wild winter.

“Since we had all this snow I thought it would be nice to create something to help out with the snow,” said Tyler Ediss who attends Highlands Elementary School. “So you can shovel your driveway, and while shoveling part of your driveway you can spray the part you already shoveled so you don't have to go back and get the de-icer after you're done shoveling the driveway, you can just do it while you're shoveling the driveway.”

It was a long road for the students to make it to the Capitol today.

Each student had to win a competition at their school, then pass a regional competition before placing at the "Invent Idaho" state finals at the University of Idaho last weekend.