A big high school rivalry game Friday is expected to draw a huge crowd but Nampa students say it’s about more than just football.

Friday night, Skyview faces off against Bishop Kelly.

But on the sidelines, perhaps a bigger battle, raising money for two Nampa families stricken by cancer.

Students from Skyview, Nampa and Columbia high schools, who are all a part of a business communications program, have selected this game to sell t-shirts, wristbands, have a raffle and a silent auction.

All of the proceeds will go toward a Nampa third grader and a parent of two Skyview students both battling leukemia.

Business communications teacher Jennifer Salois was originally planning a breast cancer awareness campaign and fundraiser but her effort got more specific after learning about people in the Nampa community directly affected by cancer.

“We do have a parent, two kids in our school whose parent has leukemia was just diagnosed at the end of July, and we have a teacher here at Skyview who is battling breast cancer and then a student from Lake Ridge Elementary,” said Salois.

Because Salois works with students at several Nampa schools, she wanted to make this a community effort.

“We decided that we need to do something more as a community and we needed to get the schools together because they were kind of separated, so we just decided to bring it all together,” said Kimberly Roberts, a junior at Skyview.

“It's turned into truly a Nampa event,” added Salois.

Students from all three Nampa schools picked the t-shirt design, a football themed "Nampa tackles cancer" to go along with the spirit of Friday's big game.

The majority of sales are expected to happen on the sidelines Friday but so far there has already been a demand in the community.

“We have people from all over the community calling me this week, 'hey we want a t-shirt,' we have been putting them down in the office, they are volunteering to take the money and hand out the t-shirts, we have been delivering them to all the elementary schools, so it's turned out to be a really neat community event,” said Salois.

As for the cancer patients the fundraiser will benefit...

“I did get to meet the little boy a couple of weeks ago and he was super excited about the project and just having a ton of fun, he's super excited for the game,” said Roberts.

Salois says the parent battling leukemia was slightly overwhelmed by all the support but very grateful and hopes for a big turnout.

St. Luke’s will also be at Friday’s football game handing out cancer awareness brochures and "I Care For Pink" stickers.

The marketing students also created a hashtag for Instagram which is "Nampa tackles cancer."