School hasn't even begun yet, but already controversy is brewing at Nampa High School.

One of their sports teams, along with dozens of students and concerned parents, are crying foul and coming to the defense of a recently dismissed boys basketball coach, protesting in front of the school district office Monday.

Nampa School District officials are not elaborating on why James Daye was let go, but there are allegations that the coach had an inappropriate relationship with a student in another state.

Parents and students who came to show their support for Daye say they believe the issue has to do with race, and they say Daye is a well-respected coach who the kids loved.

“We stand up for him and we believe in him,” said parent Brian Knight.

Brian Knight is one of the parents protesting the district's decision to withdraw a coaching contract offer to Daye.

Last year, Daye coached Nampa High’s girls JV basketball team. Then the school announced in June they offered Daye the varsity boys job.

“We did rescind the verbal offer to coach Daye and that we have reposted the position and we're looking for the very best coach we can get for Nampa High School,” said Nampa School District spokeswoman Kathleen Tuck.

The school district won't elaborate on why they rescinded the job offer to Daye, stating it's a personnel issue.

“Then a lot of things came to our attention so we were in a position where we had to withdraw that offer,” said Tuck.

Parents and students say the school district hasn't given them much information on why this happened.

But from their experience with him, they believe Daye was wrongfully let go, even saying they believe the issue has to do with race.

“We're standing up for what we believe in, and we're going to do the right thing for coach Daye because he is being treated unfairly,” said Brian Knight.

“Everyone loves Daye, he's been the best coach, no one has even had a problem with him up to this far,” said Nampa High senior Nick Knight.

“The message is reinstate coach Daye, what they've done to him is wrong, they haven't given us any information as parents,” said Brian Knight.

“We want them to know that we did listen to them, we understand that they're passionate about the coach and they're passionate about basketball,” said Tuck. “We appreciate that and we appreciate how respectful they were. You know everybody came out they were very polite, they followed all the rules and they did a great job.”

A second protest was held out in front of Nampa High School tonight.