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Which states are Idahoans moving to?

Idaho has seen a lot of migration into the Gem State in recent years. But when Idahoans move out of the state, where are they going?
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BOISE, Idaho — Idaho has seen a boom in recent years from out-of-staters flocking to the state. But for those leaving the state, where are they going?

According to a study conducted by Forbes, if Idahoans choose to leave the great Gem state, they are opting for a leap across the border - the Washington border that is.

According to the study, the top five states that Idahoans are moving to are:

1.    Washington

2.    Utah

3.    Oregon

4.    California

5.    Arizona


The latest data shows that Washington is the most popular destination for residents moving out of Idaho, with 12,599 people making the move during the year of the study.


Utah is the second most popular destination for moving Idaho's, with 6,752 people making the move during the year of the study.


5,623 people moved from Idaho to Oregon in 2019, giving the state the third-place position.


California state comes in fourth place, with 4,372 people moving there from Idaho during the year of the study.


Arizona rounds out the top five, with 2,961 Idaho residents moving to the state in 2031.

The study by moving experts at Forbes Home analyzed the latest available state-to-state migration data from the U.S. Census Bureau, which detailed where people in each state had been living one year before, to discover how many Americans are moving—and where they're moving to.

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