BOISE - Ever since crews started road improvements near State Street and 17th, business has taken a dive at the landmark diner Fanci Freeze.

"It’s actually cut our business by about 25 percent," says owner Bill Hawes.

Hawes says sales are usually slower in the winter to begin with but the construction hasn't helped.

"I keep the doors open because our regulars still come and buy ice cream but it's hurt it," says Hawes.

Typically on a Friday afternoon there's a queue of cars in the drive-thru line for the lunch rush.

"Usually it will go until two and that has been ending about an hour early typically, and even now it’s 11:30 a.m. we should start to see a building of our lunch crowd and it’s just not happening," say Hawes.

A separate construction project further west on State Street has thrown a wrench in business at the Viking Drive In as well.

"It’s impacted it quite a bit, we lost our drive-thru on State Street this morning, our reader board is now gone so we don't have a logo right now but we will be putting it back up soon when Boise city gives us approval," says manager Julie Moore.

Moore says business has been slightly slower but the traffic detour is more of an inconvenience than a deterrent for customers.

She says the real test will be when construction finishes and patrons can no longer make a left turn on Veterans Memorial Parkway and 36th Street.

Instead, left turning vehicles will have to go further down the block and make U-turn at Dewey and Arthur.

"The impact of the construction being finished will be the real test, not being able to make the left turns off State will be a really big impact for our business," says Moore.