A non-profit that helps our community is facing a setback after a fire destroyed one of its trucks.

Staff at St. Vincent de Paul on Overland Road found out late Monday night that one of its delivery trucks was on fire.

"Out of nowhere,” Katie Boyer, transportation supervisor for St. Vincent De Paul, said. “We hadn't used the truck in hours. So we don't know what happened."

The non-profit had two trucks at the Boise location, but after the fire is now down to one. They use the trucks to deliver food to the food pantry and furniture to people in need.

"It's a huge hit for us," Boyer said.

The organization still needs to be able to help the community. Boyer said the trucks are out six days a week, all day long, making deliveries across Ada County.

The truck is total loss. Since they are a non-profit, they run off of donations. Now, St. Vincent de Paul has to dig into those funds to pay for a rental to continue their work.

“These people still need furniture and still need these items within a certain amount of time, so now we're renting vehicles to get it to them," Boyer said.

St. Vincent de Paul staff said police are investigating. They don’t know what caused the fire, but say investigators tell them the damage is so extensive the cause of the fire could be difficult to determine.