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St. Luke's files lawsuit against Ammon Bundy and others, over 'intimidation, disruption'

St. Luke's alleges there was a "concerted effort to disrupt" hospital business, using false statements related to a child protective services case in March 2022.

BOISE, Idaho — St. Luke's Health System filed a lawsuit Wednesday against what they call a "coordinated campaign of harassment and intimidation" against its employees over a March protest at the downtown Boise hospital that prompted a temporary lockdown. 

The defendants named in the lawsuit include Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriguez, Freedom Man Press and other related entities.

St. Luke's says there was a "concerted effort to disrupt" hospital business by trespassing at both the Meridian and Boise hospital campuses and false statements related to a child protective services case. According to the lawsuit, the hospital and its staff were also attacked online attacks related to the case.

“It is important for us to stand up to the bullying, intimidation and disruption, and the self-serving and menacing actions of these individuals, for the protection of our employees and patients, and to ensure our ability to serve our community,” Chris Roth, president and CEO of St. Luke’s Health System, said.

According to the suit, the defendants called on their supporters to protest at St. Luke’s Boise, forcing ambulances to divert and the hospital to warn doctors, nurses, and other employees not to enter or leave the building.

“St. Luke’s has not been the only target of these individuals and believes that no one should be subject to such abuse. Inaction would signal this type of behavior is acceptable in our community. It is not,” Roth said.

In the lawsuit, St. Luke's says its aim is to stop the defendants from their ongoing harassment and to remove the defamatory and false statements they have posted and shared online and on other platforms. 

St. Luke's is also seeking no less than $50,000 in monetary damages, or whatever sum is proven at trial, which the hospital has vowed to donate to Children at Risk Evaluation Service (CARES).

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