BOISE, Idaho — A new report from ranked Boise as fifth in the nation when it comes to rising rent prices That has some people getting creative and finding an unlikely solution: extended hotel stays.

“You see a lot of families, usually it's people with children, Bawa Singh, manager for Howard Johnson owned by Wyndham Boise said. “It's really tough out there.”  

The hotel currently has six or seven guests staying there long term.

“We've had people staying here sometimes for months, but typically you see them stay here for weeks,” Singh said. 

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KTVB called 10 properties to see if this was happening elsewhere. Out of the 10, four other hotels or motels reported seeing more long-term stays because of the increased rent prices in the area. 

“A lot of these people are tired, they're frustrated, there's a lot of frustration in their voice,” Singh said.

The Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority told KTVB that the limited rental options are not just something happening here, but across the country. 

“What we're seeing now is how difficult it is for families who qualify for housing assistance but can’t find a place to rent because cost of rent is so high,” Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority Housing Programs Director Jillian Patterson said. 

She said people are just trying to survive however they can, but there are some options.

“Our agency can help, and other agencies that we work with in the community can provide some support," Patterson said. "It might not be a permanent fix, but it's a temporary solution that we can offer."