The winter weather is making the roads difficult to navigate, trucks and cars are getting stuck and skidding, and that trouble doesn’t pass over emergency responders.

Fire, paramedic and police officials all said they’ve been running into those same problems.

"We've had officers in the patrol cars who've gotten stuck in subdivisions and had to have other patrol officers show up and push them out,” Meridian Deputy police chief Tracy Basterrechea said. “We've had patrol officers whose cars have gotten stuck because the roads haven't been plowed or lanes haven't been plowed."

MPD isn’t alone. The Boise Fire Department had an engine that got stuck for a little while and an ambulance with the Ada County Paramedics got hit.

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All three agencies said they are taking different steps to be as safe as possible while doing their jobs. The Boise Fire Department has chains on the engines, Ada County Paramedics have studded tires on the ambulances and Meridian police have put chains on their squad cars.

"We have put chains on all of our vehicles today, which is a rarity. We usually don't have to do that, but we've had to do that today,” Basterrechea said. “It has definitely made our job much more difficult."

"We also have to worry about how people act when they see us on the roadways trying to help people who've been in accidents and we're really concerned about people who might lose control and slide into us and either strike the vehicles or hit us," Capt. Robert Cole with Ada County Paramedics said.