BOISE, Idaho — The last several days have seen some snowstorms hit the valley and the mountains are getting their fare share too.

With some warmer temperatures recently, we wondered how local ski resorts were faring so far this season.

KTVB spoke with Bogus Basin’s General Manager Brad Wilson on Tuesday and he says they’ve had about two feet of snow over the last four days. That’s led to a steady stream of people hitting the freshly-powdered slopes.

“We had about 10 inches Saturday night-Sunday morning, so everyone got up here in the morning as we were trying to remove snow from parking lots, it was a bit of a mess on Sunday I have to admit but it’s back to normal now, the roads are good, the parking lots are all cleaned out and the skiing is fantastic,” said Wilson.

Skiers and snowboarders that KTVB spoke to Tuesday also agree that conditions on the mountain are ideal.

“It’s great, they’ve definitely needed it over the little bit of warm spell we’ve had,” said snowboarder Jared Moxley. “But now today’s been a great day so far. I’ve only done a few runs but it’s a good day lots of snow.”

“I just made a couple of runs and it’s beautiful, the powder’s amazing,” said snowboarder Tim Foscer.

“Fell a couple times of course just because I’m not used to as much snow up there but it’s been fun, it’s been really fun.”

“I got here at 9:45, I had my skis on and at 10:10 I was at the top of Inspiration and it was absolutely awesome!” said skier Anthony Mendoza III.

Even though the last few days have been great, Wilson says Bogus Basin is having a strong season overall, beating numbers from the last heavy snow season of 2016-2017.

“The last two months, December and January, were fabulous months for us,” said Wilson. “In fact, we set records both months and that was with a 30-inche base. Now, we’re up to about a 60-inch base.”

The resort does have its annual Presidents Day sale coming up soon. That’s when season passes are at the lowest price for people to buy. Wilson says the resort will be announcing those prices this coming weekend.

He added that Bogus Basin did have to break out their snowmaking machines a few times this season to keep some snow on the runs.  But overall, they’ve had just enough snow to keep things running smoothly this season.