BOISE, Idaho — For Sequioa and Charlie, the world seems a little darker on Monday.

The friends are praying for some comfort and healing after the loss of another friend.

Both knew 19-year-old Briana Martinez - the woman who was killed in an overnight shooting in the Boise Bench area on Sunday. They asked that we not use their last names for this story for fear of reprisal.

"Bri's been through a lot and it sucks to have to see Bri go so soon," Sequoia said. "It's just such a tragic - in a tragic way."

Sequioa was a classmate of Briana's and said she was the type of person who cared about everyone. 

"Bri was the kind of friend that you could go to for anything, she would genuinely care," Sequoia said. "I've actually had moments with Bri where I could sit down and tell her I'm struggling with something with and she would pray for me."

Charlie said Briana was the type of person someone could count on.

"It didn't matter what was going on in her life, she was there for everybody," she said.  "She was the glue."

According to Sequoia, Briana's laughter was contagious.

"She had a laugh - Bri's laugh will make you laugh," she described.

Both said the loss will be felt and they hope both Briana and her family find peace in this time.  

"Bri was my best friend and I want her family to know that Bri loved them a lot," Sequoia said. "Bri was a great person and I hope that everyone lets Bri rest in peace because that's what Bri deserves." 

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Briana's friends also hope that the violence that took Briana doesn't happen again. 

"There does not need to be retaliation right now," Charlie said. "It's already hard enough as it is. We don't need anymore death or fights or anything."

Candles and posters with kind notes have been placed in front of Briana's home. 

Briana was killed after a shooting around midnight Sunday night at Palouse and Owyhee in Boise. 

Police said they responded to a home in that area after 911 calls reported gunshots and screaming. Officers found Briana and two other adults shot outside the home. All three were taken to a hospital, where Briana later died. The other two victims are in stable condition, according to police. Their names have not yet been released.

Meridian Police, along with the Ada County Sheriff's Office and several other law enforcement agencies arrested three people in connection to the shooting on Monday.

Meridian Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea said police received information that a suspect in the shooting could be at a home in the 3900 block of Lezana Avenue in Meridian. 

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Five people in the home were taken into custody and were questioned and according to Boise Police, three of them are now facing charges.

Boise shooting suspects
From left: Jessica Lee Perez Timmons, Anthony Alcala and Taja Ra McMurtrey-Winn
Ada County Jail

Anthony Alcala, 20, of Meridian is charged with second-degree murder and two counts of aggravated battery with use of a deadly weapon. Jessica Lee Perez Timmons, 18, of Boise and Taja Ra McMurtrey-Winn, 22, of Boise are both charged with accessory to murder. All three are expected to make their first court appearances Tuesday.