Christmas came early Tuesday for honored residents at the Idaho State Veterans Home.

Current service members from different branches of the military delivered hundreds of gifts for the veterans in a mission called “Operation Camouflage Christmas.”

For 26 years, members of the Idaho Air Guard, Idaho Army Guard, Navy and Marine reserves come together put it on.

"Watching these guys bring in the gifts and stuff, it just makes my heart happy,” said J.R. Wright, a Korean War veteran.

They hand deliver hundreds of gifts.

"I've been here four years watching them and it never gets old,” Wright said.

Each resident gets three gifts picked out just for them.

"They go out and shop or donate money and time in order to make sure that we can fill all of the gift requests for the veterans," said Staff Sergeant Karin Sharrai.

Everything from sweats and blankets to DVDs and head phones.

For many, the gifts are secondary to spending time with the men and women delivering them.

"Somebody out in the hallway just informed me,” Sharrai said. “He said it's not about what's under the tree. He said it’s more about us being here and just delivering the gifts and our time."

"I have a family out in Meridian and I'm very much in love with my family. You know and I come here because I need help,” Wright said. “God gives us a lot of stuff those guys…what they do is another thing he gives us.”

Once all of the presents are under the tree, the service members join the veterans for lunch sharing their time.

"That's the most valuable thing we have,” Sharrai said. “It’s the most valuable thing we can give, so I stand here among all these presents but realistically just being here is more important."

"I'm so happy that we have somebody who would do it. They volunteer their time and they come in,” Wright said. "My heart’s happy. I'm happy."

Tuesday was just the delivery. The service members will return on Thursday for a Christmas party when the veterans get to open the gifts.