Virtual reality is being welcomed at The Terraces of Boise. The Library! at Bown Crossing brought a portable virtual reality system to the senior living community on Friday.

One by one a handful of residents put on the headset and headphones and held on to the sensors.

"So you will no longer be able to see the room but you will be able to see the virtual world," explained Danielle Worthy, who is a library assistant. "It's an experience that can allow you to conquer fears if that's what you're interested in or just marvel at the world again."

Several residents tried a whale encounter.

"A whale glides past you and it gives you a wink," said Worthy. "It shows you its underside and as he goes by you he swishes his tail in your face."

Dorothy Durland is a resident and was intrigued. She decided to do a reef experience. She says it brought her back to one she had many years ago.

"This is much brighter and prettier," said Durland. "Lots and lots to see. Colorful, very colorful."

Triggering happy memories is a big reason why Kyle Weathermon wanted the residents to be a part the virtual reality experience.

"We thought it would be a great and safe way for them to be a part of things they maybe enjoyed in times past," said Weathermon, who works at The Terraces.

He says it's also a way for them to go places and experience things they may not be able to do anymore.

Anyone can experience virtual reality at the Library! branches. Each one has its own days and times. Check with your neighborhood branch.