Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo honored the heroism of civilians that were pushed into World War II.

Crapo joined Wake Island reunion leaders and families of veterans at the Wake Island memorial in Boise's Veterans Memorial Park to honor their courage and sacrifice.

Crapo presented family members of Wake combatants copies of his Congressional Record statement honoring those who perished or were captured and held prisoner on the island.

Many of those people were employees of Boise’s Morrison Knudsen Company, sent to build runways and other infrastructure during World War II.

The senator also discussed new legislation he has co-sponsored to honor Wake Island and other Pacific combatants with the Congressional Gold Medal.

"There is not words to describe the pride that I have, the thankfulness that I have to those who were willing to give their lives, or to give so much of their service to protect our freedom," said Sen. Crapo.

Family members of those captured on Wake Island say even all these years later, the Senate legislation co-sponsored by Sen. Crapo still means a lot.

"The men side by side, the comrades in arms on Wake Island taught a dejected nation how to fight and I believe it instilled in the American people a common good for sacrifice and for service," said Dan Goicoechea, son of Wake Island veteran Joe Goicoechea.

For Sen. Crapo's Wake Island legislation to pass, it will need two-thirds approval from the U.S. Senate. Crapo says he is confident it will pass.