It’s the time of year where money can be tight for a lot of families. The holidays can bring a lot of joy, but also a lot of stress as people try to make Christmas as special as possible.

One local Secret Santa is providing a little bit of help to some of those in the community. The Santa wants to remain anonymous, but is helping to spread a lot of joy this holiday season.

The Secret Santa went to three different stores on Tuesday to pay off layaway items for about 40 people within the community.

“Christmas is about giving, not receiving,” the Santa told KTVB.

It’s a tradition he saves up all year to keep going.

“Clean carpets to earn some of the money,” he said.

Over the past seven years, he’s helped over a hundred families within the community.

“Christmas morning when I wake up. I don't think about anything else, but those families. I'm wondering - are they singing? Are they laughing? What are they doing, right now? And that pretty much is my thought most of Christmas day,” the Santa said.

Families like Robin DeLacruz, who was shocked to get the phone call early Tuesday morning telling her that her children’s Christmas gift was paid off.

“We've got their big gift that they wanted, that we decided was the one gift we couldn't get this year,” DeLacruz said.

We don’t want to spoil the Christmas surprise, so we’re not going to say what will be under Robin’s Christmas tree, but she tells KTVB her kids will be smiling on Christmas morning.

“They're going to be extremely excited and just over the moon,” DeLacruz said.

It’s what brings this Secret Santa back year after year.

“As long as the good Lord allows me to breathe on the earth, I’ll keep doing it,” The Secret Santa said.