You'll find a new parkour obstacle course and a public art piece at Rhodes Park in downtown Boise.

The Boise Parks and Recreation and Boise Arts and History Department celebrated their completion this morning.

Athletes demonstrated what they can do on the obstacle course, which includes beams and bars of different heights to swing on, jump over, roll under and crawl through.

As Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway explains, it's not something you'll find in most cities.

"We hired a design team out of Seattle that does parkour courses, and it turns out they didn't have a lot to work with, because there's no other parkour courses in the country," Holloway said. "So this was the first actual course they were able to do a design with, and it turned out fabulous."

The parkour course in Rhodes Park is the second of its kind in the nation.

Murals and other public art pieces in the area were created by four teams of regional artists -- including Trademark Sign Company, Perri Howard, Stephanie Inman and Sector Seventeen.

The city used $250,000 from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation for the art, landscaping and new lighting.

That contribution was in addition to the foundation's $1.25 million gift for upgrading the skate park.

The city of Boise contributed more than $1 million to the renovation project.