NAMPA -- Allegations of mistreatment, neglect and understaffing at a Nampa nursing home.

The Department of Health and Welfare says they found such serious issues that the facility can no longer take new Medicaid and Medicare patients.

Meanwhile, Holly Lane Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center is still open.

The Department of Health and Welfare says they received three complaints about Holly Lane in June. Spokesperson Niki Forbing-Orr says in mid-July their staff visited the nursing home and found several serious issues involving the well being of residents. Their report was 242 pages and claims multiple patients' lives were put in serious harm because of the treatment at the facility.

In the report, patients told the department, "please help us, we are suffering." They also went on to say that they were mistreated and neglected.

"Patients being left on toilets for a really long time or not being able to reach their call lights when they needed to summon one of the CNAs," said Forbing-Orr.

The report goes on to say residents were yelled at and not given enough to eat or drink. Forbing-Orr says a big reason for the neglect was because the facility was understaffed.

"This is frankly a situation that we would hope to never have and there were some serious issues that were found in the survey but the facility is working to correct those deficiencies," said Forbing-Orr.

Forbing-Orr says the immediate safety concerns has been addressed by the time D.H.W. visited again in August.

Now, she says Holly Lane is working on a long-term plan to bring the nursing home back up to state and federal guidelines.

Holly Lane released a statement to KTVB saying, "The team at Holly has been working diligently to address the issues identified in the survey. While we disagree with certain allegations made in the 2567 and in the article, and do not feel that either accurately reflect the quality of care delivered at Holly, the fact is that improvements were needed for Holly to meet the standards that we expect at Orianna. We are confident that those improvements have been made and that Holly is now stronger and better than ever."

But, administrator Mike Borup declined an on-camera interview and did not want to answer specific questions.

The report also alleges that one resident had to be taken to the hospital suffering from poor hygiene, unplanned weight loss, and severe dehydration, and died two days later.

Given the allegations of serious neglect, we asked Forbing-Orr why they didn't immediately close Holly Lane.

"There's the residents to think about and always the trauma of moving, sometimes patients in these facilities can die because of the trauma that's involved in trying to move them to a new facility," said Forbing-Orr.

Forbing-Orr went on to say that Holly Lane is a unique facility because it is the only one in the Treasure Valley that has a ventilator unit. She says the only other nursing home in Idaho that can serve these patients is in Coeur d'Alene.

As for what's next, Forbing-Orr says Health and Welfare will visit Holly Lane unannounced in the near future, and that all issues must be fixed by January of 2017.

As for criminal charges, Forbing-Orr says their report did go to the Idaho Attorney General's Office. They would be the ones to pursue any possible criminal charges against the facility.