BOISE — Friday, December 7, 2018, marks 77 years since the Japanese launched the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that propelled the United States into World War II.

Nearly 2,400 members of the U.S. military were killed in the attack. Another 1,178 were injured.

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The deadliest single attack was on the USS Arizona. In all, 1,177 men lost their lives aboard that ship on December 7, 1941.

There were 12 Idahoans aboard the Arizona who died that day. As we look back on the "date which will live in infamy," KTVB is remembering these young men from Idaho who gave their lives on that ship.

- Seaman Second Class William Orville Evans, 27, of Geneva

- Petty Officer Second Class Curtis James Haynes, 22 of Boise

- Seaman Second Class Berry Stanley Jolley,18, of Burley

- Petty Officer Third Class Kenneth Frank Kennard, 23, of Payette

- Seaman Second Class Frank Cook Loveland, 18, of Idaho Falls

- Sergeant Second Class Byron Dalley Mason, 29, of Ririe

- Private First Class Francis Clayton Mostek, 21, of Dover

- Ship's Cook Second Class Thomas Lea Owsley, 22, of Hagerman

- Seaman Second Class Gordon Elliott Veeder, 19, of Boise

- Seaman First Class William Alfred Shannon, 20 (Hometown unknown)

According to records, only one body has been recovered:

- Sergeant First Class William Arthur Marsh, 23, of Twin Falls