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Remembering BPD Officer Mark Stall 20 years after his death

A crowd gathered Wednesday to honor the only Boise police officer killed in the line of duty as family reflected on his legacy.

On Wednesday night, the community remembered Boise Police Officer Mark Stall 20 years after his death.

Officer Stall was killed during a traffic stop that turned violent on Sept. 20, 1997. He is the only Boise police officer to die in the line of duty.

A crowd gathered where Stall was shot, at West Idaho and North 15th streets to honor Stall's ultimate sacrifice protecting our community.

There were several speakers at the tribute, including officers who served alongside the 29-year-old.

The Boise Police Department says Stall's family is owed a debt it can never repay, and his devotion and commitment to service remain very much alive.

Stall's family also talked about his legacy on Wednesday during an interview with KTVB.

"Being a police officer is something he always wanted to do," said Ray Stall, who is Officer Stall's father. "He's a part of this city."

"I'm sure he would be honored to give his life for his city and protecting, doing what he felt God called him to do," said Cheryl Stall Chamberlain, who is Officer Stall's widow.

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