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Some still experiencing delays in registering their vehicles in Idaho

We talked with a man who sent his registration in on December 4th but has still not heard back from the DMV.

BOISE, Idaho — We continue to answer the many questions you have about the pandemic.

One viewer was wondering about the DMV and what's happening with its emergency response to a backlog of vehicle registrations.

The Idaho Transportation Department extended a few deadlines this fall because of the pandemic.

If your vehicle registration expired between September and the end of 2020, ITD gave you until the end of January 2021 to get your renewal taken care of.

Camden Rovig tells us he may still have to drive with an expired registration. That’s because he mailed his renewal on Dec. 4 but hasn't gotten it yet.

He asked us what he is supposed to do.

To answer Camden's question we talked to the Idaho Transportation Department and the Ada County Assessor's office.

ITD spokeswoman Jillian Garrigues says employees in assessor’s offices and motor vehicle offices have been working overtime to catch up on the backlog of mail-in vehicle registration renewals.

Camden lives in Ada County and has been waiting two months for his renewal to come in the mail.

A spokesperson for the Ada County Assessor's office say they have gotten through all of December mail-ins and 90 percent of ones sent in January.

Garrigues says it is the same in other DMV offices across the state, but they remain confident they will get through all the mail-ins by this Sunday’s deadline.

"As long as your check has cleared, you are updated in the record keeping system,” said Garrigues, “if law enforcement does pull you over, they will run your tags/plates and then they'll see that you are updated in the system and you have paid your registration, so you should be good to go even if you haven't received your stickers in the mail quite yet."

If you have not mailed in your registration yet, you can utilize ITD's online registration system. This is the best way to renew vehicle registrations. You get instant results.

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