MAUPIN, Ore. - Workers for the Bureau of Land Management have been patrolling a section of the Deschutes River in Central Oregon looking for large household appliances deposited into the river during a truck crash last month.

The BLM says a delivery truck crashed Nov. 21 at Sherars Bridge, northwest of the town of Maupin, and plummeted more than 20 feet into the river.

The driver and passenger survived, but the contents of the truck, including at least two refrigerators and a large amount of packaging material, were sent floating downstream.

After the crash, a BLM crew searched the river after getting reports of a floating refrigerator. The fridge was discovered near Macks Canyon - about 17 miles downstream - bobbing up and down near the river's edge.

It required a lot of effort, but the crew managed to pull the large appliance into a jet boat and remove it from the river.

Since then, another refrigerator was reported in the river and a BLM team went out earlier this month to find it. In addition to appliances, the search crews used a drift boat and removed enough packaging material from the Deschutes to fill a truck.

If you see an appliance floating in the Deschutes River, you are encouraged to contact the BLM office in Prineville at (541) 416-6700.

Meanwhile, multiple agencies are still working on a plan to remove the truck from the Wild and Scenic-designated river. BLM spokesperson Lisa Clark says the truck crashed into a section of Deschutes that is deep and fast-moving.

"When I look over the bridge, I can't see the truck," Clark said.