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EAGLE CREEK TRAIL, Ore. -- More than 100 hikers are being evacuated after a wildfire began burning near the Eagle Crest Trail in the Columbia River Gorge Saturday afternoon.

The U.S. Forest Service says about 140 hikers are trapped above the fire, which is about a mile up the trail. They are trapped in between the new fire and the Indian Creek Fire, which has been burning in the Mount Hood National Forest since July 4. That fire is south of the new Eagle Creek Trail fire. The hikers currently can't go up or down the trail to escape.

Photos: Fire in Gorge

The Forest Service said they will lead the hikers up the trail and around the fire about 14 miles to an exit that avoids both fires.

Sky 8 captured video of a helicopter rescuing a hiker Saturday night.

The fire sent large plumes of smoke into the sky. KGW began receiving pictures of the fire shortly after 4:30 p.m. It is visible from miles away. The fire was estimated at 50 acres.

Sky 8 video: Fire burns in Columbia River Gorge

Fire officials initially began receiving calls at that time that the fire was burning near the trail and the Bonneville Dam exit along Interstate 84.

The Forest Service says the entire length of the trail is closed, as well as the Pacific Crest Trail in that area.

Mountain Wave Search and Rescue said 16 hikers were being evacuated to Tunnel Falls.

They also report the Eagle Creek campground is being evacuated and the trails surrounding the campground are closed.