CANNON BEACH, Ore. — Thanks to social media, a drone, and lots of caring people, a dog stranded overnight on a cliff on the Oregon coast is back home safe.

The dog, named Felix, was walking with his owners on a trail in Ecola State Park on Christmas Day when he disappeared.

The owners posted on Facebook that they needed help to find him, and the message eventually got back to Cannon Beach Fire Chief Matt Benedict, who just happened to be a drone operator.

On Tuesday, Benedict went out with the drone to search the cliffside for Felix.

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Felix stranded on a cliff on the Oregon coast (photo: Matthew Verley)

“It's easier to put a flying object out there to put eyes on it before we send someone over a 300-foot embankment hanging from a rope. It's a great tool for us to use before we send people over,” he said.

They found him within about 10 minutes, then sent a rope rescue crew over the cliff to pull him up.

Felix was able to walk out on his own, where he was reunited with his relieved owner.

Felix is reunited with his owner (photo: Matthew Verley)
Felix is reunited with his owner (photo: Matthew Verley)

His owner posted on Facebook they will take him to the vet as a precaution. He appeared to be just tired and dehydrated.