A new proposal could bring up monthly rates nearly 30 percent for parking garages in the center of downtown Boise.

"Those are the premier locations and like anything else in real estate, it's location, location, location," said CCDC parking facilities director Max Clark.

Parking at garages like the one at Capitol and Main and at 9th and Main could increase by 30 percent. That's up from $135 a month to $175 a month.

The perimeter garages, like 9th and Front and Capitol and Myrtle, could see a 17 percent increase. So those could go up from the current $120 each month up to $140.

If approved, the hourly rates would also see an increase. This would be the first increase since 2008. They could go up from the current $2.50 an hour to $3 an hour. But even with the increase the plan is to keep the first hour free.

"We're keeping the hourly rates low and continuing the first hour free because that's extremely popular,” Clark said.

CCDC also wants people to be able to afford the monthly rates. They understand that if this is approved, the increases might not fit some people's budgets. So they're building a new garage at Front and 11th streets. The monthly rate there will only cost $100. That garage is expected to be completed in January.

"Most of the survey responses said they would be willing to trade proximity and a little bit of walking for cost, and so that's the offer we're making," Clark said.

CCDC is holding a public comment session on Nov. 13. If this proposal is approved it will go into effect in February 2018.