It's a nationally recognized event that brings thousands of people to downtown Boise. This year marks the fifth year of the Idaho Potato Drop.

Every year organizers work to make it bigger and better than the year before. This year's additions include live ice sculpting and an expansion of the rail jam.

This year's rail jam course will be a little more complex than in years past. Organizers are adding a couple of new features, including one the course builder, Ryan Neptune, says has never been done before: A pull-in big air jump.

“They'll be able to air up onto the landing. So that's a unique thing, never really been done,” Neptune said.

A new event that provides a little something extra to this year's rail jam.

“We got to make it bigger and better. Do something better, just keep expanding it,” Neptune said.

Gateway Parks is also making the course a little more family friendly by adding a tubing hill.

“Just interactive for the entire venue. So, kids can come out here, they can see it, be closer to it, go tubing all day,” Neptune said.

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One challenge builders faced this year was snow. Last year, there was enough right in Capitol Park. This year, they're trucking it in from Eagle Island.

“We're going to bring it in. The temperatures are just warm enough that it doesn't a whole lot of sense for us to make it. We've already made most of it during these huge cold snaps that we had the last month.,” Neptune said.

It will be New Year's Eve party that organizers hope has a little something for everybody.

“The kids can come down, they can hang out and see the festivities here all day long and participate in it, and be able to go tubing and really just make it a fun event for the whole family,” Neptune said.

Organizers have put in place many safety measures to ensure no incidents take place. They'll not only have private security, but also Capitol Mall Security and Boise Police officers roaming around the event. They've also placed many cameras to overlook the Potato Drop.