BOISE — A popular jockey at Les Bois Park is recovering at a Salt Lake City hospital after suffering serious injuries over the weekend.

Nikeela Black, whose is also a local attorney, was riding in several races at the Eastern Idaho State Fair on Sunday when the accident happened.

"She's so strong, she has been hurt before," says Lee Abrams, Black's husband.

Black has been a jockey in Boise for nearly 15 years, gaining notoriety as a leading rider at many race tracks.

Abrams says his wife has taken a couple falls before but nothing as serious as what happened this past Sunday.

"It sounds like she clipped heels with the horse on the outside of her, she was on the rail, and her horse went down, and we think that she maybe got run over by the horses behind her," says Abrams.

Abrams says there is no footage of the accident itself but video shows Black's horse coming around the corner without her.

"And I see her horse coming down the backside of her course, that's when I just started running through the crowd to get down there. I knew something happened, I just didn't know what," says Abrams.

Black was immediately airlifted to Salt Lake City for treatment.

Abrams says his wife has a partially collapsed lung, fractures in her neck and is paralyzed from her ribs down.

"They haven't said that it is permanent but definitely for the short term there is going to be no feeling or moving," says Abrams.

Luckily, Black didn't sustain any head trauma and is able to talk and move her arms but doctors say it will be a long road to recovery.

"We will have to make some changes to make the house wheelchair accessible, bathrooms things like that," says Abrams.

Abrams says he has no idea how much modifications to their home will cost, a GoFundMe page has been started to help with expenses.

In the meantime time, Abrams says his wife will begin physical therapy as soon as she is released from the ICU.

"Her goal is to walk and ride again and nothing stops Nikeela. She will persevere through anything, that's just her mentality and it has been forever," says Abrams.