TREASURE VALLEY - Halloween is less than a week away, and with all the fun and excitement come some safety tips to remember - whether we're parents of trick-or-treaters or not.

Police say that locally, serious crimes don't go up on Halloween. Property damage does typically take a hit, though, and that's because of the decorations and of course, the pumpkins.

"Older kids, even adults, like to go out and steal those and smash them in the streets and sometimes they'll use those to throw them on cars or buildings, which could cause damage," Nampa police Sgt. Brian Jones said.

That's why if you do see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, police urge you to call them.

It's probably no surprise that the biggest concern on Halloween for police is the safety of kiddos.

Police say if you're out driving, make sure to slow way down and be on the lookout for kids because trick-or-treaters are excited about friends and candy and may not be paying much attention to traffic.

Parents are also encouraged to talk with their kids about staying safe and alert.

"It's just something where there's so many people out and there's so much potential for accidents to happen and kids being out being kids and we just want to pay attention to what they're doing and where are kids are at and communicate with them when they're trick-or-treating," Boise police Sgt. Matt Bryngelson said.

Police encourage kids to carry a flashlight or glow stick when out trick-or-treating, and to only knock on the doors of well-lit homes.

Another piece of advice for those on the hunt for candy is trick-or-treating on one side of the street at a time to limit the amount of times you're crossing the street.