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PHOTOS: Northern Lights put on stunning show in Idaho

Members of KTVB's Idaho Weather Watchers Facebook group shared incredible photos of the Northern Lights putting on a dazzling show for parts of the Gem State.

BOISE, Idaho — Late-night photographers and Idahoans were treated to a stunning display of the Northern Lights this weekend. Hopefully you were able to catch a glimpse of Thursday night's cotton-candy sunset, and the subsequent skies that followed. 

Fortunately for those who may have hit the hay early or did not peek into the night sky, members of KTVB's Idaho Weather Watchers Facebook group shared stunning images of what appear to be the Aurora Borealis.

The Gem State was not alone, either. The Northern Lights were seen across several states this weekend. A string of photographs shared with Idaho Weather Watchers are featured below:

Emily Courpet - Post Falls

Credit: Emily Courpet
Credit: Emily Courpet

Brian Losness - Horseshoe Bend area

Credit: Brian Losness
Credit: Brian Losness
Credit: Brian Losness

Dave Heller - Flying over north Idaho

Credit: Dave Heller

Jennifer Stricklan Smith - Grangeville

Credit: Jennifer Stricklan Smith

Lisa Granden - Caldwell

Credit: Lisa Granden
Credit: Lisa Granden

Doety Riek - Culdesac

Credit: Doety Riek

Christy Love - Boise

Credit: Christy Love

Felicia Mahree - Boise 

Credit: Felicia Mahree
Credit: Felicia Mahree

Renee Renee - Middleton

Credit: Renee Renee

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Northern Lights are the result of "electrons colliding with the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere." While the aurora forms often look like cloth with tall rays, they can stretch from "horizon to horizon" at night. 

The Aurora Borealis occurs when the electrons following Earth's magnetic field to the poles collide with the atmosphere, and transfer their energy to the atmosphere, according to NOAA. The aurora forms look less like cloth and more like clouds during the early-morning hours. 

For more information on the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, click here.

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