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Parts of the Greenbelt near Eagle continue to flood until river flows drop

The Boise River is flowing only slightly higher than normal but is still enough to close down sections of the Greenbelt due to flooding.

EAGLE, Idaho — The Boise River's flow rates are beginning to drop but it isn't enough to stop parts of the Greenbelt near Eagle from being closed down due to flooding.

One of the flooded sections of the Greenbelt is at the underpass at Eagle Road, along the river's north channel.

The river has been flowing at about 3,500 cubic feet per second at the Glenwood Bridge, which is only slightly above average.

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The City of Eagle estimates flows will need to drop by another 1,000 cubic feet per second before flood waters will begin to recede from the underpass.

Once flood waters recede, crews will have to clean off any debris and sediment left behind. Sediment creates a slippery surface on the paths, so users will still need to use caution even after the flood waters drop.

For now, Greenbelt users are asked to detour to the Riverside Drive crosswalk to cross Eagle Road.

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