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'I could not stop thinking about them': Six siblings adopted by Idaho family

The children were featured on Wednesday's Child in 2019. They are now part of a family of 12.

BOISE, Idaho — We haven't been able to do a Wednesday's Child profile with all of the COVID-19 restrictions, but we do have a special update to a large sibling group. Their adoption was finalized in October.

It was June, 2019, when we met six wonderful kids inside the Boise Aquarium: Westin, Wyatt, Maria, Westley, Will and Marianna. 

Adoptive mother Jeni says when she and her husband Mark saw the six siblings featured on Wednesday's Child they felt a pull at their hearts.

And despite having already adopted four children, something kept bringing them back to the six siblings.

"I could not stop thinking about them," Jeni said. "I was like no, we don't need that many, we don't need anymore. After a week of not being able to not think about them, I asked [Mark] what he thought about me submitting in an inquiry. He's like, 'you're not serious.'"

She was very serious, and Mark agreed they should give it a shot. The rest is history. They were going to be a family of 12.

"There was just some type of connection that really rang true to us, and reading about their interests or likes, it was like, that's our daughter, our son, and they would really fit well with our current family and dynamics," Jeni said. "It felt like they were meant to be our forever kids."

Jeni and Mark have a great support system to help. Jeni's mother even lives with them to help, and thankfully it's in a bigger house they recently built for the expanding family.  

"I think we're done at this point though," Jeni joked. "I don't think we can fit anymore. Ten is good! It's a good number."

For confidentiality, we are not sharing the adoptive parent's last name or their location. However, we can say they are in the Gem State. The six siblings do have an older sister who they keep in contact with as well. 

If you would like to see some of the children in our state still waiting to be adopted visit Idaho Wednesday's Child.

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